General Information

Shree Kothari Bhaipa Panchayat (SKBP) is a nodal body of Toshniwal – Kothari’s of Maheswari community which was formed many years back. Only Toshniwal Kothari’s can be member of this association. It also has a trust known as Shree Kothari Bhaipa Panchayat Trust (SKBPT) which has recently procured around 34 cottahs of land in New Town opposite to the Vedic Village , near Kolkata for it’s social project.


Annual subscription :- Rs 301/ (Rupees Two Hundred One Only) per family
(Here family means all the members sharing a common chowka)

Lagma:- During marriage of a boy mandatory lagma or contribution to the organisation fund of Rs 1100/ is to be made .No such contribution is required to be made during a girl’s   marriage.

Holi Preeti Sammelan Subscription : Minimum Rs 200/ per family. We always encourage people to contribute more as it is a mega event and the expenses are always higher.

Communication & Networking:

  • In order to have  proper communication mechanism SKBP  have a three way communication system that is  the intimation of the occasions and programmes are sent to the members by:-

  1. Circulars (courier)  2. Email   3.  SMS .

  • SKBP  is also active in the Orkut site (a communication portal) and Shree Kothari Bhaipa is  an active community in the Orkut where  several issues are discussed online by the youths.

Facilities to the members:

  • Members can avail database of all the members for distributing wedding cards or any other card for any occasion.


  • SKBP also provides facility at a nominal cost to send SMS to all the members on behalf of a  member for any event which is organised by him or by his family.

Request to the members :


  • Members are requested to send one Wedding Card in the name of Shree Kothari Bhaipa Panchayat, at  29 Strand Road, 2nd floor, Kolkata-1  during any marriage in there family so that representaive of SKBP can grace the occasion to bless the couple.
  • Similarly they are also advised to inform SKBP about the death of any member so that representation can be send on behalf of the society.

          In case of death of a Karta/ Family Head it is advised to also inform SKBP about           the name & address of the new Karta/ Family Head   of the family succeeding him           so that we can update our database

  • Those members who are not receiving our Circulars/Email and SMS are requested to send us your Name,Postal Address ,Email Address & Mobile No.s so that we can update our data base and can serve the society better.
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