Kuldevi Temple

The year 1139 A.D. give evidences of a Celestial Temple of “Khunkar Mataji ” which was founded by a Toshina based merchant “ TOSA-SHAH ” named after Toshniwal Clan. The Temple was there for some years and after that there is no record of why & how the temple was Destroyed.

In the year 1981 A.D. on the occasion of first day of Ashwin Navratra Shri “Khunkar Mata” recurringly appeared in the dreams of Smt. Prabha Devi wife of Shri Bhagwan Das ji Totla of Jalgaon , Maharastra (India). But Prabha ji was totally unaware of Mataji’s location and the village Toshina.
After two years of unstinted effort the couple came to know of Mataji from a person known as Jagaji whose family maintains Historical records from Generation to Generation of Maheshwari Community & it’s Activites.

When they arrived at the Toshina village Prabha ji recognized the place of her dreams.They met the Landlord of the Land and solicited his help in the Excavation process which began in 1992 and went on until 1996. During this time many Artefacts from the ancient temple site were discovered like Statues, Pillars,Columns & Slabs. But the Idol could not be traced so a whole night Jagran was organized. At midnight a black Snake appeared and was fed milk by Smt Prabha Devi Totla. On the very next day the construction of the temple began. In all earnest on 25th January 1998 the divine Idol of Mataji holding Four Swords in four Hands and Seated on a Lotus was invoked and adorned.

Later on for convenience of the Pilgrims a Rest house was also constructed  along with the kitchen having Dining Capacity for over 700 Peoples.

Owing to the miracles of Mataji the number of Devotees are ever on Increase at the temple.

In the Navratra of “Chaitra” and “Ashwin” grand Mela takes place at the temple.

The daily schedule of Puja organized everyday in the Temple :-

"Morning Aarti "        ---  5.30 AM  to 6 AM
"Bhog & Jyoti "         ---  9.15 AM  to 9.30 AM
"Evening Aarti "        ---  6.30 PM  to 7 PM
"Night Darshan "      ---  9 PM.


Route to Toshina Mataji mandir

1. Toshina – Jaipur 175 kms
    Jaipur to Toshina via Kuchaman city has a pucca road

2. Jodhpur – Nagaur – Choti Khattu – Toshina is about 175 kms on pucca roads

3. Bikaner – Nagaur –Choti Khattu – Toshina is about 160 kms on pucca roads

4. Salasar – Mithdi ganedi – Didwana - Toshina is 85 kms on pucca roads

5. Khattu Shanrji – Ramgadh – Kuchaman - Toshina is 95.1 kms on pucca roads

6. Pushkar – Degana – Choti Khattu - Toshina is 105 kms on pucca roads

7. Ajmer – Kushangadh – Makrana – Kuchaman - Toshina is 115 kms on pucca roads

8. From Kolkata – Jodhpur Howrah Mail alight at Makrana station. Makrana is 30 kms from     Toshina. Buses or any other made of transport may be used. The travel cost is about
    Rs. 350/-


For further information please contact:

Shrimati Prabha Devi Bhagwandas Totla
52, Housing Society Pripala Road, Post: Jalgaon,
Pin code : 425001, Maharashtra.
Ph:           (0257) 2232411
Mobile : +91 98232 06588

Nandkishor Hurkat
C/o, Shri Khunkhar Mataji mandir, Post: Toshina .
Pin code : 341319, Zila Nagaur
Ph: no.  (01580) 242217
Mobile: +91 9982170331

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