In 15th Century when there was drought in Rajasthan one of the families were given the job of looking after the big stocks better known as Kothas of the Rulers. Having being pleased by the deft handling of the situation ,the Rulers therefore conferred upon them the title of Kothari.

Kothari community has originated from the khamp toshniwal more than 1000 years ago and are spread all over the world. Huge population of this community is based in kolkata but a strong majority  mainly business families reside outside west bengal.

Kothari community which is several decades old. This site to be a link that connects the Kothari and Toshniwal communities spread all over the world. Maheswaris where formed on being transformed from Khsatriya to Vaisha out of the 72 Khamps of Maheswaris which were created with Toshniwal as one of the Khamps. currently Maheswaris are the most Educated community in Asia.

Once Sri Kaloji Toshniwal came to Bikaner and settled there in the year 1520. Though he was in business but due to his intelligence and presence of mind when the rulers of Jodhpur attacked Bikaner he advised the head of the army which led to the Bikaner Rulers winning the battle. There after he became a popular figure and on advice of his court members the Ruler of Bikaner assigned him the job of looking after the stocks at the big Store Houses better known as "KOTHAR" of the entire State. And thus he was conferred the title of Kothari and his descendants still use this title "KOTHARI”.

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