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Shree Kothari Bhaipa Panchayat is the nodal body of Maheswari :Toshniwal-Kothari community which is several decades old. It strives to be a link that connects the Kothari and Toshniwal communities spread all over the world who have originated from Khamp Toshniwal more than a 1000 years ago . Though huge population of this community is based in Kolkata. Still . A majority of this 15000+ strong mainly business community is based out of Kolkata, West Bengal. This website is the new age version of this link and aims to leverage such platforms to ensure that this close knit community remains even as members move to other cities and countries for their livelihood .

An effort is also being made to collect information and maintain a complete history and genealogy(family tree) of the Kothari and Toshniwal communities since inception when the Maheswaris where formed on being transformed from Khsatriya to Vaisha out of the 72 Khamps of Maheswaris which were created with Toshniwal as one of the Khamps. Some time in 15th Century when there was drought in Rajasthan one of the families were assigned the job of looking after the big stocks better known as Kothas of the Rulers. Having being pleased by the deft handling of the situation ,the Rulers therefore conferred upon them the title of Kothari.

This platform will also collect and share information about the philanthropic works including Guest Houses, Hotels, Dharamshalas, Hospitals and other work of public interest by the community members for the convenience of the members and to the society at large .

Apart from allowing the members to maintain their social ties, we also hope that members will leverage the social and business opportunities that may arise out of this site and take the community on a more progressive and prosperous path. organization and the members of whom are spread out through out the world .

There will be members directory which will be there to ensure changes to the contact information and new additions which can be made quickly not having to wait for an annual cycle News, Announcements and other information can also be efficiently and effectively communicated to the community members ..Opinion on several issues of community interest can be discussed on the Forum.

It is an effort which will cross the borders of state and nations and will bring the brethren closer.

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